Siena and the Power

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Siena and the Power

Siena is not only the city of the Palio race or the economic power: Siena is a city in which democracy has long and strong roots. It is in Siena that one of the first democratic government is born, a government elected and composed by the productive middle class, the real economic engine of the city in Middle Ages.

We will discover together Palazzo Pubblico, the City Hall of Siena and the symbol of the institutional power of the city, a palace in which the rich fresco decorations are still remarking the importance of democracy. Simone Martini, Beccafumi, Sodoma are just some of the great names that we will meet in the palace, without forgetting the beatiful Allegory of Good and Evil Government, made by Ambrogio Lorenzetti: the first fresco representing a not religious subject of Tuscan art history!

A palace that is a symbol of power, of course, but even a symbol of beauty, because beauty and elegance play an important role in Siena life and history: whatever is beautiful is good, whatever is good is beautiful. Remember that in Siena the institutional power made one of the first urbanistic plans for the city, based even on estetic and armonic criterias!